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A keen understanding of the mortgage process is one of the first things a borrower looks for when choosing a mortgage professional.

The process itself can be extremely daunting in today’s economic reality. Many Banks and Credit Unions as well as Mortgage Lenders are taking in excess of three months to close a mortgage loan right now. It is our belief that they just don’t have the processes down well enough.


The first thing you will need is your tax and banking information as well as your personal information to obtain a credit report. This pre-qualification process should take only a few minutes and with a knowledgeable professional at the wheel should go smooth from there. An application cannot be taken by law until there is a property address chosen (for a refinance this is easy, for a purchase you must have chosen a home to buy). Our mortgage application appointments can take as little as 30 minutes, or as much as 3-4 hours depending on the borrowers and we make sure that there is an actual approval and accepted lock by the bank at the program you choose before you leave.


We believe that ALL questions need to be answered up front in order for the process to go smoothly. Soon (a day or so after the initial application) the loan needs to be into underwriting. Underwriters double check the information submitted and issue an underwriting approval – usually with conditions. At this time and this time only should an appraisal be ordered. Once the conditions are back and the appraisal has been received the entire package is sent to the underwriter to be signed off. Once the conditions are accepted it is time to close the loan. This can be accomplished in as little as 14 days and once again this rarely takes more than a month.


Download our Document Checklist.