About Us

About Us


Avelloe was founded by David Feathers, a mortgage professional since 1988, on the principals of effective communication, education, and a “do the right thing no matter the cost” attitude. As a truly independent Mortgage Broker, Avelloe has access to multiple funding sources, not just one underwriting platform.  It is critically important to educate people in these times that not all banks have the same guidelines.  Many times clients come to us believing that they cannot qualify for a mortgage when in fact they can, they just don’t know where to go.


This is where Avelloe comes in – with over a quarter century’s worth of relationships built with multiple banks, mortgage bankers and private funding sources, we can tell you up-front whether you qualify for a mortgage, and know where you qualify.  Whether it be a Portfolio, Conventional, USDA, FHA, VA, Jumbo or Private Money source; let Avelloe’s relationships work for you.  We also work with people for as long as it takes to insure that they will qualify in the future if they cannot qualify now.


Hello, my name is David Feathers and I’ve been a mortgage professional since 1988. After I was discharged from the Marine Corps I worked my way through college as a Loan Officer. I attended CSULB and Cal-Poly Pomona with major study in Finance and Real Estate Law and minor in Communications.


I’ve been an Executive with many banks and mortgage companies over my career including Deutsche Bank, Countrywide (I hesitate to name that one…), and Sebring Capital to name just a few. Many of my years working for the banks was as an Underwriter, Underwriting Manager, Underwriting VP and VP of Risk Management as well as in training the broker community in sales for many years. I know how underwriters think and exactly what they are looking for, in fact some of the underwriters I deal with I initially trained. A few years back I noticed the lack of knowledge and professionalism on the retail side of the mortgage business and saw an opportunity to set myself apart. I founded Avelloe Mortgage Corporation in order to further my belief that effective communication, education and a “do the right thing no matter the cost” attitude should be the cornerstones to any company, not just what the bottom dollar might be.


I offer not only over 30 years of experience to my clients but a unique perspective from the top down and years worth of relationships that I’ve built. It’s not just about knowledge in this business, but what a person is able to accomplish with that knowledge that counts. I’m not your average mortgage broker for sure, I worked for the banks too long to wear a monkey suit anymore and love being self-employed as it gives me the freedom I desire to spend time with my wonderful wife and 3 beautiful kids here in “God’s Country”.


david@avelloe.com – nmls# 299647